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MicroSeeker - Second Wet Test

Okay, the second bathtub wet test happened on Sunday, May 20, 2001. This test included the full electronics inside, and a test of the thrusters under tethered control from Smalltalk on my laptop. The thrusters are very powerful on this, more than I figured they would be.

I took a short video of the event using my webcam...

Thrusters.avi (7.3 MB)

Here are a few more videos, in different resolutions. Each one is different.

Thrusters-02-640.avi (703 KB)
Thrusters-02-320.avi (1.7 MB)
Thrusters-02-160.avi (539 KB)

The setup in the video was the sub was in the water, with a 50' tether cable (basically a serial cable) attached to my laptop serial port. The laptop was running Squeak, and I had a GUI opened that allowed me to press a button to turn on and off the thrusters directly by sending the appropriate speed command to the BX-24 onboard. So, I was controlling the sub with my left hand, and pressing the button on the GUI with my right hand on the mouse (which you can't see in the video).

Here's a picture of the sub in the bathtub...

InWater-small.jpg (4546 bytes)

And here's one of it on the floor, after the test...

OnFloor-small.jpg (7604 bytes)