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MicroSeeker Tank Test - May 26, 2001

I went down to URI (University of Rhode Island) to see the guys from the URI AUV team on the weekend of May 26th...

The idea was to do some tank tests of MicroSeeker in their big acoustics tank, and help them out with some BasicX-24 issues they had. We got the sub into the tank, and spent quite a while trying to get the sub ballasted and balanced correctly. After this process, we noticed that there was a little water in the bottom, so I took it apart and re-greased the o-rings. We started doing some runs in the tank, and after a couple we say that it was actually leaking quite a bit.

So that was that. We pulled it out, dried it off, and took off for the electronics lab to play with the Bx-24.

Bench-1-small.jpg (13446 bytes) Here's MicroSeeker sitting on the bench, after we finished. I was so caught up in trying to get the ballast right, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures while it was actually in the tank... You can see the tether cable sitting up on the side of the tank.
Bench-2-small.jpg (11346 bytes) Here's a closer, although somewhat blurred image.
Bench-3-small.jpg (10977 bytes) Here it is, sitting on the bench in the electronics/AUV lab. The device behind it is a chemical analysis unit.
Bench-4-small.jpg (12287 bytes) Here's Ryan (standing) and Scott, two of the guys from the URI AUV team.