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MicroSeeker Smalltalk

As I've said elsewhere on these pages, I've been doing Smalltalk since 1987, so its kind of natural that I want to do everything I can in Smalltalk. MicroSeeker will be controlled by Smalltalk.

There are two distinct systems in MicroSeeker. The first is the low-level, real-time data acquisition and control system. This is run by a network of PIC microcontrollers. They originally ran PIC/Smalltalk, a language I wrote, but I decided to concentrate more on the AUV end of things and less on supporting a new compiler, so I use CCS C now. The second system is the high-level autonomous control system. That level runs on a Dell Axim PDA, and it is written in Squeak.

I have a fairly decent working version of the Autonomous Controller code, and have built a simulator to test it with. You can see more information and some screenshots of various GUI windows I use to operate and test MicroSeeker with.

You can click here to visit my main Smalltalk page...