NanoSeeker Progress

Below you can see some pictures of NanoSeeker's progress.

The circuit boards are just blanks (I'm still working on the electronics design and layout). The actuators are made, and the main thruster is made. As it stands, I've had it in the pool, and although it moves, it doesn't have enough thrust, so I'm going to have to experiment with propeller designs.

6" long, 1.25" in diameter.

This is NanoSeeker, sitting on the little test stand I built for it.

The two rods sticking out the back are the actuator control arms - I don't have them hooked up to anything yet.

Here's another view.
Here's the inside bottom. You can see the two motors that turn the linear actuators.
This is the top - taped to the board are a couple Lithium Polymer batteries (200 mAh each).
Here's the bottom again, with a quarter for scale.

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