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AUV Links

  • The ROV Store - A neat online store that sells parts for hobby-level ROVs
  • AUV Competition - A cool annual contest that is held in July or August. The 2000 competition was in Florida, the 2001 contest will be in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Naval Academy in July.
  • AUSI - A non-profit AUV research organization in New Hampshire. They're doing some interesting stuff with simulation software, and are also working with a Russian group developing a very cool solar AUV.
  • ISE - International Submarine Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian-based builder of AUVs and other cool underwater technology.
  • Bluefin Robotics - Spin-off company from the MIT AUV program, very nice web site with a lot of information about AUVs and their vision of where things are going, and what they offer.
  • RoboTuna - A neat project at MIT involving an autonomous fish robot.
  • MIT Sea Grant - The MIT site, with the Odyssey AUV.
  • Phoenix AUV Thesis - An AUV at the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey, California.
  • NRaD AUSS - A very cool Ex-Navy search AUV from San Diego.
  • AUV Resources - A large list of AUV research around the world.
  • Down to the Sea in Robots - An excellent article discussing AUV technology and why it is important
  • What the Future Holds for ROVs and AUVs - Another excellent article on AUVs in the commercial sphere.

And if that's not enough, try doing a Google search with "auv" as the subject...